Priscila Yazbek


Allow me to share with you a little bit about how it all started… I was born and also grew up in Salvador, one of the most cultural, artistic and inspiring cities of Brazil. People there are so cheerful and receptive that the state's slogan is "Smile, you are in Bahia. Land of joy”. It definitely describes the atmosphere of the city and also were my influences come from.

Well before moving to the United States with my husband in 2014, I earned a Dental Degree (DDS) and although been successful practicing dentistry, deep inside I knew I had a bigger passion.

After moving to Austin, TX, I decided to follow my true passion and founded a vegan handmade soap company that combines everything I have ever wanted: dealing with beautiful fragrances, shapes, design, manual skills, health, well being and most importantly, sharing all of that with the people.

The idea came up in my hometown where I spent time perfecting and improving the flower soap concept which was passed down from my dear and very talented aunt. Later on, it became one of my best sellers, the PY Petals Soap.

Bringing a perfectionist attitude to the design and to the production of the handmade products is natural for me and it’s part of the entire process. When I began making the PY Petals Soap as gifts for friends and family, a natural growth in this demand inspired me to start selling to the public.

In a short time other products were also created and became part of "the family”. I am really grateful for sharing all my products with you and hope you enjoy them like I do!

Priscila Yazbek 

Founder and Owner